YuanLey 6 Port PoE Switch – CAT6 Cable Length Test + Security Cameras

YuanLey PoE Switch featured in this video: https://amzn.to/2LNGLdz
CAT6 cable used in video: https://amzn.to/2LETHlC
Blog: http://newfiebort.com/yuanley-6-port-poe-switch/

Today I am presenting a detailed review of a specialized piece of networking equipment which I talk about a lot of my channel. A PoE switch. PoE stands for Power Over Ethernet and you can use this switch to supply electricity to network devices over the same network cable you use to transfer data to and from the device.
As you may know, a standard (non-PoE) switch is basically a network splitter. It allows you to take a network cable and split it into multiple connections. Your connected router or modem will assign IP addresses to all devices plugged into the switch.
A PoE switch takes this a step further by using some of the unused wires in the network data cable to supply your network devices with power. This convenience eliminates your need for power adapters or PoE injectors & splitters. And there is no need to worry about power outlets near your devices, like where to plug in a security camera.
1. There is no clunky power adapter
2. There are no fans humming
3. There are included rubber feet to add to the device
4. It has an extra grounding screw
5. There are 2 uplink ports. One for an RJ45 connection and one for fiber.
6. Let’s talk about this slider button here labeled V and S. S is the standard mode where we have gigabit speeds on all ports, they can communicate with each other and the maximum length of PoE is 100m (328ft) on a standard Cat6 network cable. V on the other hand is for Vlan or extended mode. When active, devices plugged into the 4 ports cannot communicate or see each other.
I test various lengths of cable with this switch to see what the latency looks like and the data transfer speeds.

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