Vacos Cam: Smartest AI Wire-Free Security Camera

Vacos Cam: Smartest AI Wire-Free Security Camera

by Alannah

Vacos Cam –

AI Human Recognition | PIR Motion Detection | Full Color Night Vision | 1080p Full HD

Tired of running wires for your #security cameras?

Worried about frequent false alerts from your cameras?

Now #VacosCam is here to cure all your headaches. 100% wire-free, full color night vision, AI human recognition & PIR motion detection all make this camera the best & smartest battery powered security camera.

This camera is designed to offer installation freedom. We remove cables, outlets, drilling holes so that you can place the camera anywhere you like without any limitation. Vacos Cam’s array of mounts enable the camera to fit in just anywhere.

You can install the Vacos Cam battery powered security camera in the backyard, front door, entrance or porch, or put it on your shelf, table, living room or nursery room, etc. No wiring, no drilling, no installation limitation — that’s what a wire-free & worry-free security #camera should be.

The built-in rechargeable battery provides super long battery life: one charge = 6 months (works around 5 mins/day). You can just install the camera anywhere & just forget it. Completely free you from frequent charging.

Connect the security camera to the waterproof Vacos Solar Panel for continuous power supply. You’ll never worry about the power drain. Enjoy a truly eco-friendly and cost-effective way to charge your Vacos Cam.

With the #1080p Full HD and the advanced imaging sensor, you can get much more stunning images than any other 2MP or 720p battery-powered security camera.

The unrivaled full color night vision technology enables you to see the videos in true colors, making clarity no exception even in complete darkness, instead of black & white. You can see everything extremely clearly and colorfully in low-light conditions just like in daytime.

With 2 advanced motion detection ways — AI human recognition and PIR sensor detection, this battery-operated camera will notify you only when it matters. Nothing can slip through without your notice.

The dual motion detection ways reduce false alarms by up to 90%. Never be bothered by birds, dogs, cats or falling leaves.

When there is any motion event, the siren will be activated to scare off the intruders day or night. When at night time, the built-in spotlight will also be wakened up to ward off the thieves and help to capture the intruders’ faces clearly.

Vacos Cam uses AES-256, HTTPS and other Vacos private and secure encryption to make sure the security camera is hackproof. The data saved on the cloud are secured by our Vacos private protocol and encryption, proving the most secure way to protect your data and privacy.

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Earns Me Over $158.74 per Day. That is Weird. But it Works
We respect your privacy.