Travel Tips: How to Skip LONG TSA Security at LAX Tom Bradley

NEW Tip: A new video from my most recent experience to skip long TSA security at LAX’s Tom Bradley, took me only 5 minutes to clear security if you are a member of the TSA Precheck program:

So you want to find out how to skip LONG TSA Security at LAX Tom Bradley? That always make me wonder if there’s a fast track for TSA security at Tom Bradley since the TSA security lines are terrible, most of the time. It usually takes me 30-45 min just to get through TSA security and.. it doesn’t have TSA Precheck like other terminals. Luckily I found this very helpful article, see below URL. So I decided to see if it’s REAL and, shoot a short video to confirm it. And Voila!, it DOES exist.. It took me less than 7 min. to get through security. Thanks to Matthew from BoardingArea. Try it yourself and let me know your experience by using the comments below. Happy safe travel!

Be AWARE: This hidden checkpoint closes at 8:30 PM

Date/Time of this footage: Friday June 9, 2017 2:17 PM


“After collecting your boarding pass, proceed downstairs to the baggage claim area. Once inside, walk to the far south side of the building (i.e. turn left when as you enter the building from the street). Looks for a blue sign that says “Connecting Flights”. There you will find the hidden checkpoint.”

Music by Joakim Karud “That Day”

Please watch: “BOSTON Awesome Drone Footage 4K”

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