Strategy: how to run a successful career blog & make money from it to support your life

In this video, I feature this blog focused on career, business and lifestyle for women:

In this video, I talk about how to position your blog to get more SEO and social media traffic while also how to make money and generate revenue from a career-focused blog like this.

There are a number of options to generate revenue from a blog like this. They are:

Affiliate marketing – if your readers might want or benefit from some products or services that you don’t sell.

Selling your own books or online courses – online courses are easy to create and sell on Udemy or Skillshare and books/ebooks are easy to create if you are already blogging.

Selling resume writing services – if your blog is a career or job related blog for women, your readers may be to help your readers create great resumes so you can sell resume writing services.

Career or job coaching for women – since the audience of this particular blog is women, you can sell specific coaching packages that help women choose jobs and careers, and get on the right track with them.

Long-term, a career-focused blog like this can be a fantastic online business. It is difficult to get a blog like this off the ground when it is new because this space is competitive, but over time, you can turn this into quite a fantastic business.

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