Signs and Lights – Home Security Tips

Signs and Lights – Home Security Tips

by Alannah

While signs and lights may not seem like the most effective way to protect your home, the truth is that they’re a surprisingly effective deterrent. The threat of an alarm system, vicious dog, or camera system is enough to discourage criminals from targeting your home. Why take the risk that the signs are a bluff, when they’re are plenty of other targets out there?

Alarm system signs such as ADT can be some of the most effective. The general public is aware of the how advanced an ADT security system is from the commercials and news reports. Criminals tend to avoid homes marked with a sign indicating they are secured because of past incidents they have been involved in, or incidents their associates have been involved in. In addition, alarm system companies appreciate the free advertising and may issue you discounted rates or offers if they become aware you are promoting their brand.

Beware of Dog signs are also an effective deterrent against burglars. Not only are dogs living, breathing alarm systems with their loud bark, they present the possibility that an intruder may be attacked by an animal with sharp claws and teeth. Many criminals (and people in general) also have a deep-ceded fear of dogs, especially one that feels its home and family are in danger.

Signs indicating a surveillance system is present can prevent many criminals from targeting your house as well. There’s very few things that get a criminal caught and convicted quicker than having pictures or video of them broadcast on news stations and social media. Although they’re are modestly priced cameras that you can purchase, sometimes this just isn’t a feasible option. When you can’t get the real thing, a sign indicating that surveillance system is in place is the next best thing.

Private Investigator Derrick Marshall shows you how to utilize cheap and effective ways to protect your home. The techniques and tools used in these videos are utilized by Derrick in his own home.

Derrick Marshall has over 27 years of experience in the Private Investigation industry. After attending Missouri State University, he founded Black Diamond Detective Agency. This agency which would eventually expand operation into 9 states. In 2010 he would branch out to form Marshall and Associates LLC, a private detective agency that would grow to employee investigators and investigative contacts across the globe.

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