Security tips in case of terrorist attack

If you see an armed person, RUN
– If you can scape, do it
– Go out even if others do not agree
– Avoid using elevators
– Leave your personal belongings
– Where possible, help other people leave
– Do no let other people access to where armed person may be
– Do not stay around the building

If you can not run away, HIDE
– Close the doors or block them
– Move away from the door
– Mute your mobile phone
– Hide behind large objects
– Keep silent
– Try to ensure that terrorist does not see you
– Do not hide in large open spaces (gym, dinning room, etc.)
– Do not leave your hiding space to negotiate with aggressors

When you are in a safe place, ALERT
– Call 112
– Tell them your location
– Report where the armed person is and if he moves
– Where possible, provide accurate information

When the police arrive:
– Follow instructions
– Keep calm
– Do not shout out to the police or wave your arms
– Keep your hands visible to the police

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