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Hi, I’m Kevin Wilson Master Locksmith. The Holidays are upon us again and it’s good times for everybody……. including the burglars, so here are a few simple steps to keep your home secure for the holidays.
Like many people you may be traveling out of town and leaving your home unattended.
Of course the most obvious and best way to keep your home secure is to have a trusted friend or family member watch it. However that option is sometimes not available.
Make sure you suspend any printed newspaper subscriptions before your trip. Intruders will target a home with piled-up newspapers on the lawn as it is a sign of a vacant and unattended house.
Next, make sure you place some type of blocking device on your back doors.
If no one will be home, set up timers on a few desk lamps around the house to give the impression that someone is home in the evening.
Make sure your windows are secured and can’t be open from the outside.
These days any kid can learn to pick or bump open a lock in seconds from videos on the internet and most locks and deadbolts provide no challenge to even your amateur burglar.
High security locks are bump, and pick resistant and the keys cannot be duplicated without the authorizing signature from the purchaser.
Reinforced steel around your doors and frames will prevent kick in attacks.
Alarm systems are nice, but it still takes 15 to 20 minutes for any security professional to arrive. Burglars are usually in and out of your house in 5 minutes or less. Why not stop them at the door and keep them out for good?
If you’ll be traveling this holiday season please buckle up and drive safely
This is Kevin Wilson Master Locksmith wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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