Security Cameras Blackburn – Simcams

Security Cameras Blackburn – Simcams

by Alannah

Welcome to SimCam, a new revolution in security and disability systems.

SimCam is a security, disability and motion detector camera. It is fully portable, completely wireless and there is no complicated installation process.

It is the only disability, security and motion detector camera which, when alerted sends images to a mobile phone of your choice immediately

The SimCam comes complete with a simcard, which is then programmed to your mobile and up to nine other nominated numbers. Simcam also sends images direct to an email address . It is simply topped up the same as a mobile phone

The SimCam comes with two remote key fobs with on/off and a panic button .It also has a built in motion detector, that can be set to detect heat and movement. Simcams has infrared technology and allows images to be captured even in complete darkness. Additional sensors can be added incl. Smoke detector and a window, door sensor.

When SimCam is alerted of a change in motion, or the panic button is pressed, it automatically takes up to nine photographs and sends them to the mobile number and email address of your choice, anywhere in the world . The SimCam lens can be directed remotely to where the image needs to be taken.

Simcams can also be activated remotely from your mobile allowing you to actually hear and see everything the camera hears and sees. . The SimCam can also be set up with a timing mode which allows the camera to take regular pictures. Many of the functions can be altered remotely.

The basic package comes with two remote key fobs, a mains charger, manual and full use of the helpline.

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Earns Me Over $158.74 per Day. That is Weird. But it Works
We respect your privacy.