REVIEW: SimCam, AI Home Security Camera w. Intel Movidius CPU!

REVIEW: SimCam, AI Home Security Camera w. Intel Movidius CPU!

by Alannah

SimCam – A feature-rich smart security camera (FHD, Pan/Tilt)

SimCam proactively protects your home and your loved ones with onboard AI recognition and a pack of intelligent features, except the subscription fee.

Home intruder caught on the spot
With person detection in an activity zone,
SimCam immediately alerts you and records a video clip when someone breaks into your house.

SimCam detects actual movement of people. Not shadow or dust.
The Intel® Movidius™ 12 cores VPU, a tenfold increase in the processing speed with the powerful deep neural network, enabling real-time image analyzing and multi-tasking with the greatest precision.

Fed up with the false alerts sent by your outdated Passive Infrared security system? With AI computer vision chip, SimCam can distinguish human, animal or moving trees with its movement detection technology; a video of 15 seconds, including 7 seconds before and 8 seconds after the sensor is triggered is auto recorded, in-App notification will promptly send to you.

We respect your friends and family as you do and their faces are worth remembering. That’s why we integrate Intel deep learning technology to SimCam for you to register trusted faces, you can also opt out the App notification for their appearance.

360° Person Tracking
SimCam automatically pans to follow a person in motion
to keep him in the frame. You can also pan the camera on the APP.

SimCam features object monitoring, it allows you to outline the object you want to be supervised via its app ; the camera records when the motion is triggered by an occurrence, it will also send a notification to your phone.

Identify people with more details
1080P recording and best-in-industry starlight night vision
allows you to see clearly the details of a person’s face, even in total darkness.

More Insights No false alarms
Quickly search for the event clips of intruder or your loved ones without going through hundreds of irrelevant motion alerts. Playback, download and share the footages right through the APP.

Your privacy is safer on the device
Unlike other cloud-based cameras, SimCam process videos locally on the device powered by Intel Movidius VPU. No one else can access your data without your authorization.

SimCam stores all captured images in a inside Micro SD card and supports sync to a local network attached storage. View the entire video history without paying cloud fees.

24/7 Motion Recording
Besides human activities, SimCam also records videos when detecting motion to avoid continuous empty footages.

Two-way Audio
Hear and speak to your family or scare your dog off couch with a built-in microphone and speaker.

No matter where you are, the built-in speaker and mic allow you to directly communicate with others by using SimCam app through your smartphone. Or you can control SimCam with your voice by using Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT.

Up to 50 Feet Starlight Night Vision (IR)

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Earns Me Over $158.74 per Day. That is Weird. But it Works
We respect your privacy.