REVIEW: LOREX (FLIR) 4K Ultra HD NVR Security Camera System!

REVIEW: LOREX (FLIR) 4K Ultra HD NVR Security Camera System!

by Alannah

LOREX 4K Ultra HD IP NVR System with 4 Dome Cameras
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Know that your property is protected while you’re there and while you’re away thanks to this Nocturnal security camera system from Lorex. This system combines two different sets of powerful Nocturnal security cameras and a powerful eight channel NR900 Series Network Video Recorder (NVR). Along with 4K recording resolution, the longest night vision ranges available, and extreme weather performance, both sets of dome security cameras include a built-in microphone for listen-in audio capabilities. The LNE8974AB security cameras also include a motorized zoom lens that allows you to adjust the camera’s field of view to suit your monitoring needs. These features, plus four open channels on the NVR, makes this an incredibly versatile security system perfect for any home or small business.

Capture the details you need with 4K resolution
Both sets of dome security cameras included in this system use an 8.51 MP image sensor. This sensor is capable of producing exceptionally sharp 4K video that will give you the best chance to capture distinct details, such as facial features.

Long range night vision
Both sets of cameras in this system offer the longest night vision range available. With the help of some ambient lighting, their night vison range can reach up to a remarkable 250ft!

Color Night Vision (CNV™)
Adding some external lights around your cameras will also enable their Color Night Vision™ feature. This can provide you with a whole new layer of details and add further contrast.

Backlit Sony Exmor R™ CMOS sensor
Inside of your Nocturnal security cameras is an incredibly sophisticated Sony Exmor R™ image sensor. This type of sensor is especially useful for security cameras because of its amazing low-light performance. It uses back illuminated technology to capture more light, as the incoming light bypasses the normal layer of metal wiring and transistors that can diminish the amount of light with front illuminated image sensors. This sensor also shields the video from low-light noise / grain by passing the signal through an analog noise reduction program before converting the video signal to digital and a secondary noise reduction after conversion.

Active mechanical lens filter
The infrared light emitted by security cameras can sometimes discolor daytime video. Thankfully, your Nocturnal security cameras come with an Active Mechanical Lens Filter that prevents these rays from entering the lens during the day. The filter will then automatically disengage at night, allowing the infrared light into the lens.

Real-time 30FPS recording rate
Nocturnal cameras can record 4K resolution video at 15 FPS (frames-per-second) or 2K resolution at 30 FPS. Recording at 30 frames-per-second will provide you more realistic, real-time, on-screen movement. It will also grant you with more frames to choose from when cycling through footage.

Enhanced security monitoring with HDR
Your security cameras use an HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature that uses the difference between the brightest point and the darkest point of the video to automatically adjust the picture’s brightness. This results in optimized, highly-detailed security video in all sections of the frame.

Expanded coverage with built in microphone
Both sets of dome cameras included in this system are capable of recording audio thanks to their built-in microphone. Audio monitoring can provide you with more information (such as voices) and can even help provide more insight into key events, even if they occur off-screen.

Metal camera housing
Your security cameras are housed in aerospace-grade aluminum. This means that they can last for years and years, even if they are directly exposed to intense weather conditions.

FLIR Secure mobile app
Connect your NVR to our innovative FLIR Secure app for your mobile device. You will be able to securely view your security cameras from virtually anywhere in the world, keep track of all motion activity with easy-to-read timelines, and receive push notifications for motion-triggered events with this app. You will also be able to turn a camera on and off anytime you wish (a first for NVR security systems) using the new privacy feature. The FLIR Secure web viewing portal is also available for PC and Mac personal computers.

Regional motion zones
Security-grade hard drive
RapidRecap® – see the entire day in a minute
Increased clarity in low-light settings
3D-DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) technology ensures clean, accurate video with exceptional clarity and sharpness. It will also filter out digital noise caused by motion.

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