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We are BACK with another AWAY Luggage Bigger Carry On Packing Video! Join me as I pack for a 15 day trip to Croatia and Greece in the AWAY Luggage Bigger Carry on in the color sky. We will walk through every piece of clothing, shoes, accessories, and extras that are making the trip and that will be stowed away in both my rolling away luggage and my new Solo All Star backpack.

PLEASE be aware that I have done the research for all airlines and specific travel plans that I have made. I am positive that my bags will fit on all planes that we are flying and have paid extra baggage fees where necessary. You will have to do your own research for the flights you are taking!

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I have the Bigger Carry On in the color ‘Sky.’

They let you try the luggage for 100 days. If you are disappointed (you won’t be, promise), you can send it back no questions asked. What are you waiting for?!

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*SOLO All Star Backpack ($71):

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Audio: ‘Bovi’ from the YouTube Audio Library

*Canon EOS m50 Mirrorless Camera:
*ZOMEi Tripod:
*Limostudio Softbox Light Kit:
*SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB Memory Card:

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