Our 15 BIGGEST REGRETS about moving to MEXICO

Our 15 BIGGEST REGRETS about moving to MEXICO

by Alannah

Moving to Mexico was the best decision we’ve made. BUT… there are things we regret.
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In our last travel Mexico video, we shared all the reasons why we are so thankful we made the decision to move to Mexico. Life in this beautiful country is nothing short of amazing and so many good things have happened in the year we’ve spent in Mexico.

However, this crazy life decision we made isn’t without its regrets. Looking at this whole experience, there are 15 notable regrets we have about moving to Mexico—and they’re probably NOT what you think. We’ll be talking about things like learning Spanish, traveling in Mexico quickly, and letting certain ideas get under our skin!

There are some secrets we share in this travel vlog that have never been told on our channel before. We hope this video gives you a new perspective on some of the aspects of our life before Mexico, the crazy experiences leading up to our international move, and how it’s been since then.

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