Morning Sickness At 27 Weeks Still| Look what my Security Cameras Caught| New Baby Taking Over Kate

Morning Sickness At 27 Weeks Still| Look what my Security Cameras Caught| New Baby Taking Over Kate

by Alannah

Hi guys, welcome to todays chapter. Enjoy and thank you so much for taking the time to enjoy our journey with us.


About Me: My name is Nastascia, I have 4 kids, one on the way and many pets. I started youtube a while back but recently became serious about it almost 5 years now. I enjoy what I do, to be able to share our lives with one much less hundreds, thousands and millions is mind blowing. Taking it one day at a time and sharing our ups and downs.

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Nastascia Amiesha Riley

Po Box 62048 Victoria Terrace PO North York ON M4A2W1

KIDS SIZES: Keikei shoes 4, pants 8, tops small or 7-8, Craig shoes 3, pants 8, tops 7-8, Max shoes 11-12, pants 6, tops 6, Kate shoes 9, bottoms 5, tops 5t or toddler small.

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Most Asked Questions:

1. How many kids do you have?
Four precious bug bears, #5 due December 2nd

Do you drive?
YES, since May 2017 and so far so great.

What camera do you use?
Canon G7X Mark II. Canon G5x but now I vlog on my phones note 9 and Samsung Galaxy so plus. LOVE IT

Is Emmanuel the father of all your kids?
Father figure to all, blood father to the youngest, first 2 have the same dad. (KEEP READING…)

Where are you from?
Kingston, Jamaica (water house) raised and lived in Canada for almost 20 years now.

What do you do? Smart answer:
I’m a mom.
Answer you seek but won’t get in detail: I work two jobs (one where I pay taxes and one cash) as well as my youtube job.

What do you edit with?
Mac: Imovie
Windows: AVS video editor and Cyberlink powerdirect
MY phone: Kinemaster pro or powerdirect

Why don’t you respond to my emails?
Some fans get a high from writing negative emails so I don’t open anyones emails anymore, unless I know you personally or I’ve reached out to you personally. Sorry guys (one naughty apple slice ruins it for the whole fruit platter). Send me your uplifting messages in the comments section I see them before anyone else does #heckyaifiltercomments #notonegativity.

How do you handle the hate?
I don’t, it’s not my business, that’s a they and them issue “if you don’t like me or my family, that’s ok we don’t mind because you will never matter, but we will always matter to you” see it’s a win win.

Do you reply to negative comments?
Nope, I value my time and negativity isn’t valuable to me.

Why are you single?
Simple answer: because I chose to be while I work on myself and my life but as of this year tho I am dating a very wonderful and handsome man. (been a few months, no he has not met the kids (I learned from experience) My focus is still my kids and myself.

Deep answer: My 6 year relationship with my 1st two kids dad ended after he couldn’t give up his cheating/abusive ways. Took a while and some tough learning to truly learn but when I did I instantly threw him out of my home after we had made our second baby (ya ya I know) later when the pregnancy was confirmed (2 week wait) he told me to  “F off” out of anger for throwing him out. Since my pregnancy with baby #2 I have not seen or spoken to him “life goes on, wish him the best always”
My last Childs dad we were next to perfect together but due to cultural differences and him not standing up for us it unfortunately didn’t work out, his family couldn’t accept that I was Jamaican  and had two kids from a previous relationship, he was afraid of challenging his family. I called it quits, we co-parent the kids very well and are now the best of buds. THE END

MARRIED TO MY BESTFRIEND OF 9 YEARS AS OF JUNE 2018 and expecting our first baby together this 2019

How old are you?
27 years old as of April 16th 2019

What do I say to my fans?
Love you all like cook food, we all go through life at different levels. (everyone ones poop stinks., some more than others) Through the good and the bad just know you are not alone and no matter what keep pushing on with a smile and a positive outlook that everything will work out. …….If I can you can do it better. 😉

Intro Music: Music name: MKJ & Roanin Elativ – Eternal Sunshine)

Ending Music: Music Name: Alina Baraz & Galinatias – Fantasy (JuniorMaster001)

For collaborations, business inquiries Only (No more personal emailing plz)
email me: [email protected]

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Earns Me Over $158.74 per Day. That is Weird. But it Works
We respect your privacy.