Livestream | Flip Through World of Princesses Fabiana Treré | Nocturnes skin struggles PART ONE

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(This is part one and there were sound issues so i restarted and theres part two to roll straight into after you have watched this part – PART TWO LINK HERE ——– )

Flip-Through of World of Princesses – Colouring Heaven magazine

Nocturnes by Anastasia Elly-Koldereva
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I had difficulties with the paper resisting the Derwent lightfast pencils once we added layers ! now what does one do? MAKE IT WORK LOL!
so we did enter with some prismacolor pencils to mix in and help save the day – and we did it

Colours used:
Flesh Pink
Persian Orange

Parma Violet
(there was a little resistance but it was a lot easier with prismas mixed in with the light fast with this paper – paper is smooth !)
The resistance isnt a reflection of the pencils – these are artist grade pencils – Its different papers working for different pencils and visaversa!

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