Korner Home Security Unboxing

Korner Home Security Unboxing

by Alannah

A inexpensive home security solution for everyone, Korner provides you to monitor and protect your home from intruders. You can remotely arm and disarm the system, along with sending you notifications to your phone instantly.

Korner – https://www.kornersafe.com//

The Tag sticks neatly into the corner of door or window, while the rounded edge contours nicely with the frame – no more aligning. The Tags, once applied to a door or window (or anything else for that matter), will detect motion and wirelessly notify the Stick, which is plugged into a router and communicates with the Internet. In the event of an intrusion, an alert will be sent to the user’s App. The user will be provided the option of calling the police and/or forwarding the alert to their Security Circle – a pre-populated list of the user’s family, friends and neighbors.The Stick also emits a piercing tone when an intrusion is detected, which can be disabled from the App. The system can be armed and disarmed remotely from the App. In addition, the user can set auto arming and disarming based on a schedule.When you move, just pop the Tags off your doors and windows, and re-apply them in your new place. The system can be controlled from either the App or a PC. Notifies when an intrusion has been detected. Call Police or forward intrusion notices immediately to a Security Circle – a pre-populated list of friends, family and neighbors. Provides a platform to message your Security Circle and any other Korner users in your local community.

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Earns Me Over $158.74 per Day. That is Weird. But it Works
We respect your privacy.