Introduction to Smart Cameras – How to Create a Smart Security Camera Using Python & Raspberry Pi

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This course will guide you through creating a fully-functional and smart security camera, using a Raspberry Pi or the webcam on your device. The purpose of the application in this course is to detect movement in the video footage and subsequently execute an action, such as sending out an email or an SMS.

Sections covering both the theory and practical applications are included in this course. The theory videos demonstrate the building blocks so that you can understand how it all works. Topics taught in this course include summation notation, image similarity metrics, and video processing. Image similarity is a set of tools that we can use to compare images, which then helps us determine how similar they are.

A Raspberry Pi is not required to benefit from this course. The program can be run using the webcam in your laptop or desktop computer.

Learning goals:

Summation Notation
Image Similarity Metrics:
– Sum Squared Errors
– Mean Squared Errors
– Structural Similarity
Video processing

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