How To  Sell Digital Products At The Most Profitable WAY On JVZOO.

How To Sell Digital Products At The Most Profitable WAY On JVZOO.

by Alannah

How To Sell Digital Products At The Most Profitable WAY On JVZOO, JVZoo Member addresses 5 major problems:
PROBLEM 1 -Memberships Platforms are Notoriously Hard to Setup & Integrate
Most solutions require more than one plugin or software to get going.
You have to create and configure multiple membership levels, deal with permissions and have to test each level to ensure users can access what they’ve just purchased.
Not to mention if you want specific features like drip feed content – that’s even more headaches. Then, of course, you have to integrate your product with a payment gateway or marketplace which is no picnic.
PROBLEM 2- You Need Separate Products To Create Pages and Secure Product Access
It’s super important to have a professional looking members area which is easy to navigate and gives users the best customer experience.
But, with most membership platforms or WordPress based solutions, you will need one solution to build these pages and another to deliver your content – that’s crazy. Worse still, these applications need to work together, free of bugs which is often the biggest problem.
PROBLEM 3- Hosting Pages, Website Security & Maintenance Is Too Complicated For Most
As a new vendor you have to navigate your way through hundreds of hosting plans, figure out site & server security & that’s even before you get started.
Then, of course, you have to make sure your membership software & page builders all work together – that’s 3 separate support desks to deal with when things go wrong.
PROBLEM 4- No Marketing Tools to Help Vendors Accelerate Their Growth
Most membership platforms are missing the basic things like customers satisfaction surveys and User Quizzes to Test what they learned.
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