How To Make Money During The US Government Shutdown

How To Make Money During The US Government Shutdown

by Alannah

The US government shutdown has resulted in hundreds of thousands of federal workers not receiving a paycheck and being able provide for themselves and their families.

In this video, I want to give some helpful options that may help provide relief for people who are being negatively affected by the us government shutdown.

1. Drive for Lyft/Uber

Click the link to sign up as a Lyft driver:

Here are a few benefits of becoming a Lyft driver:
– Guaranteed $1400 your first 30 days of driving
– Control of your own time
– Can work as much or as little as you would like
– Same day pay!

You can also sign up to drive with Uber as well (I do both which helps to maximize my earnings when I am out on the road)

Click the link to sign up as an Uber driver:

2) Join a delivery service
There are many food delivery services that are constantly looking to hire new drivers. If driving other people around is not your thing you can consider delivering people’s orders.

Some delivery services include: DoorDash, Grubhub, Cavier, UberEats, etc.

3) Become a freelancer
You might have a skill or service that you can provide for other people who are looking for it.

Consider becoming a freelancer on websites like and

These platforms allow you to become available for jobs where people can pay you once it is completed.

4) Start your own business
Although not having an income temporarily can be very difficult, other people are using this opportunity to test run their own ideas.

Take the women at

They took an idea that they had and have been able to create a business that is booming for them.

Likewise, you can create something for yourself and begin a business that can provide residual income for you even after the us government shutdown ends.

If you have any questions or would like to reach out to me let know or leave a comment below this video.

You can also reach out to me in any of my social media platforms.

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My hope is that this us government shutdown is resolved soon, because this is just ridiculous (that’s all I’ll say for now)

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Earns Me Over $158.74 per Day. That is Weird. But it Works
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Earns Me Over $158.74 per Day. That is Weird. But it Works
We respect your privacy.