How much should I charge to map a 1,000 acre property?

How much should I charge to map a 1,000 acre property?

by Alannah

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04:27 – We discuss the recent security issues with DJI products
07:00 – What are some of the advantages of using LIDAR technology on a mapping mission?
09:51 – Today’s question is about mapping and modeling a one-thousand acre property
10:44 – Why should you opt for LIDAR over photogrammetry if your mapping site is covered with dense foliage?
11:30 – How do you deal with clients who want buildings to appear lifelike in the final deliverable? Can you use LIDAR as well as photogrammetry?
12:08 – Will using LIDAR result in significant time savings on a mapping mission?
13:16 – Can you use photogrammetry to map an area of 1,000 acres?
14:00 – What will be cost of batteries if you attempt to map a large 1,000 acre area?
14:26 – We discuss why it is not feasible to shoot for longer duration in winter
15:24 – Will your effort and hence, charge go up if your client demands the final deliverable as an object file?
16:15 – How much should charge for mapping a 1,000 acre area if you are using LIDAR? What about photogrammetry?
17:28 – What are the some of the considerations if your mapping mission has an agricultural purpose?
17:50 – In which instances would a fixed wing drone like PrecisionHawk be a good solution?
19:00 – Is it better to quote a Package price for a mapping job of such large scale? Is it better than making an itemized quote?
19:17 – Why is it important to define requirements of your final deliverable before bidding for job? Should you consider offering multiple packages?
23:45 – We talk about tips and tricks to negotiate with a prospect without offending them
25:01 – Should you consider opting for a home-built fixed wing drone for a similar large scale mapping job?
26:27 – We share information about the forthcoming mapping classes on Drone U

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Earns Me Over $158.74 per Day. That is Weird. But it Works
We respect your privacy.