Home security upgrade for $1: Using longer screws makes your home more secure

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKRC) – Millions of people are burglarized every year, but there’s a surefire way you can ensure you don’t become a victim and it can cost less than a dollar.

Kicking in a front door with one swing of the leg may seem all too easy.

That’s because standard doors come with little screws to secure the strike plate.

In just a few seconds you can take a huge step in preventing yourself from being a burglary victim by replacing the little screws with three-inch stainless steel screws.

The provided small screws don’t even get through the door jam. Whereas the three-inchers do.

For Justin Doyle of Justin Doyle Homes, installing three-inch screws is common practice in all the homes his company builds, including the current ones going up in Liberty Township.

“The first thing we do is take the one-inch screws that come with the door and we have them replaced with a three-inch screw. That allows us to get a little more meat, a little beef out of the stud to screw the door hinges and strike plates in,” said Justin Doyle.

You can clearly see the difference in a comparison. The factory screws barely clear the frame.

“It’s a standard practice that all of our guys have been trained to do. Truthfully I don’t know what the other builders are doing. We found that it’s something our customers really benefit from that. It gives them a little more security and making sure that nobody can go knock a door down with their foot when they walk up to the door because of that extra security and strength of the three inch screws give them,” said Doyle.

And with the bigger screws in place, kicking in a door is virtually impossible.

The cost at the local hardware store for the three-inch screws.

They cost about 65 cents apiece.

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