Home Alarm Systems for Independent Living Solutions

Home Alarm Systems for Independent Living Solutions

by Alannah

Watch how an alarm system helped a Baltimore resident receive emergency assistance .

Monica Barksdale is one of the many Americans that enjoy living independently. Monica Barksdale wouldn’t move into her new home until she had an alarm system installed. What she didn’t expect is to use the home alarm system to alert first responders of a seizure. At the time the seizure occurred Monica Barksdale was alone. She suffered a seizure and severely bit her tongue, blood filled her mouth and she could not speak.

Monica pressed the red alarm button on her home security system and a ADT dispatcher was alerted of a medical distress. The ADT dispatcher attempted to communicate with Monica and was unable to hear a response. The dispatcher requested for emergency response assistance to be dispatched to Monica’s home.

When paramedics arrived, they entered the home through the window and found Monica on the floor. She was rushed to the hospital where she remained in recovery for a week.

Monica recalls the incident and is thankful that she was able to press the alarm button in time to receive the medical assistance she needed. Independent living for Monica can continue and her mother can rest a sure that her daughter’s life is safe and secure with a ADT home alarm system.

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Earns Me Over $158.74 per Day. That is Weird. But it Works
We respect your privacy.