Gun Control, Politicians, Hypocrisy, and Bad Karma –  A LONG Discussion on Mass Shootings in America

Gun Control, Politicians, Hypocrisy, and Bad Karma – A LONG Discussion on Mass Shootings in America

by Alannah

I wrote an article back in 2012 called Gun Control, Politicians, Hypocrisy, and Bad Karma. Apparently, nobody in Washington D.C. read it. Here’s a video that expands on the article. Join me for a 3 1/2 hour fireside chat about the never-ending debate on gun violence and #guncontrol in the United States. I’ll give you my solution to ending #schoolshootings and a long-term plan to change the way Americans interact with one another.

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The original article from 2012:

I’d like to thank the President for his brief appearance on this video!

WARNING AND DISCLAIMER: This video contains colloquial language. Most folks consider that to be graphic, adult, and/or profane speech. If you are easily offended by “bad” language, then don’t watch this video. I will be discussing a serious topic in an unconventional manner. If you are a lady or a weak male who’s wearing skinny jeans right now, you may want to watch a video that’s a bit more tender and politically correct. I am not condoning or advocating any type of violence. I am advocating a much more aggressive defensive response to any acts of violence toward our nation’s children.

The purpose of this video is to invoke thought and debate.

This video is Rated R for Colloquial Language and Adult Subject Matter. Viewer Discretion is advised. It’s approximately three and a half hours LONG.

0:00 Disclaimer and Warning
1:16 The Original Article from 2012
41:17 C.O.D.S.
1:09:28 About a Week Later…
1:58:05 #JustSayNoToChickenBoxes
2:22:36 What Do I Think About “Men” Wearing Skinny Jeans?
2:32:28 Too Afraid to Break the Rules to Save a Child’s Life?
2:41:01 If I were the President… (Guest Appearance by the #POTUS)
2:56:16 Politicians Truly Only Care About One Thing
2:58:48 To Clarify What I Would Do To Stop the School Shootings
3:06:40 Psychological Deterrent
3:13:13 The Safety of Our Children Should Be Considered a Matter of National Security
3:21:24 What If It Were YOUR Child Hiding Behind a Desk?

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