Freemius' team is working every day to make sure we earn more money

Freemius' team is working every day to make sure we earn more money

by Alannah

Jamie Marsland created Pootlepress – an online WordPress training and plugins business –
In this video, he shares his thoughts about partnering with Freemius as a reseller for his WordPress products.

I’m Jamie Marsland, I’m the founder of Pootlepress, and we are a WordPress training and plugins business based in the UK.

When you come to our site, you experience the checkout, which is actually the Freemius checkout.

This is hugely complex and we were trying to recreate that ourselves, that whole back end process of creating subscriptions, managing subscriptions, allowing the customers to manage their own subscriptions, that license management… that whole process is hugely complex.

But we can just outsource it all to Freemius, essentially. We don’t have to worry about that stuff.

The beauty about Freemius is that it is razor focused.

Their whole ethos is around making sure it works and it’s successful because their success relies on our success.

We wanted to try and change our business into a recurring subscriptions-business.

When we were using our own self-hosted solution there were number of problems for us. The first is that it was buggy.

So… because this stuff is really complicated we were finding there were bugs and getting support to those bugs was taking days.

And then we found Freemius online, read an article online from a respected guy in the WordPress world and started talking to Vova, and it had a number of immediate attractions.

We can track our customers in terms of how they are using our software, so we get great analytics back in terms of what sites they are using it on, how many sites they are using it on.

VAT MOSS came along and it was going have a big impact on our business in terms of cost and whether we actually we wanted to carry on some of the business as well.

Now we can just offload that completely to Freemius, they handle everything, which is just, you know, a fantastic bonus for us.

So all of that stuff just comes with Freemius.

We started with just one of our products but now all of our products go straight onto Freemius.

And what’s really great is because Freemius is learning from what’s working out there in the marketplace, they feed that back into the Freemius community. So we’re all kind of on this Freemius club now on Slack.

It’s like having a… sales and marketing guy in your team that is just working for you for free, essentially.

The major benefit is the free time, cause I’ve got more time to do the things that I wanna be doing.

Much more time to spend with my great family and my kids and the things that I want to be doing like going off cycling, or playing guitar, playing music, that sort of stuff.

The thing about Freemius is that it gives us much more time, we make a lot more money than we used to, and we haven’t had to spend a lot of time developing our own self-hosted solution.

They’re kind of invested in our business because of the way Freemius works, they are working every day to make sure we earn more money. That’s what’s great about the Freemius model really.

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Earns Me Over $158.74 per Day. That is Weird. But it Works
We respect your privacy.