Early to Mid-October Rifle Tips and strategies – plus Listeners Q&A

It’s October! The bows are hitting the closet and the smoke sticks are coming out! The chill in the air is back, the colors are incredible, and for some of you out there, the snow is already hitting the ground. The Bugles are still ringing through the hills and it’s an incredible time to be hunting elk in the west!

On this episode, the ElkBros help out those early to mid-October rifle hunters with all sorts of questions:
Can I still call elk?
What are the best ways to get on a bull now?
What if I am hunting cow elk?
Do I need to still worry about thermals?
What effect will snowfall have on finding elk?

Those topics along with some tips and our ElkBros shout outs along with some perfect questions for this time of the year from the ElkBros Mailbox.

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