Double Your Door Security for $1 – Entry Door Reinforcement – Locksmith Recommended

Improve the security of your entry door for less than $1. ACME Locksmith of Arizona talks about the best, inexpensive door reinforcement methods to improve your entry door security. And the best method to improve door strength cost less than $1.

Our Favorite Electronic Deadbolt – The One on My Home:

EZ-to-Use Product that Stops Lock Bumping:

Complete Door Reinforcement Kit:

If you need help implementing any of these things and are in the Phoenix AZ metro area, just contact us, we’d be glad to help.

Outside of Arizona? Call your local locksmith. You can search a list of vetted residential locksmiths at .

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How to Reinforce a Door

Video Overview:
In this video we cover several ways that you can reinforce the security of any entry door on a home or a business.

We start with the things that give you the biggest home security improvement for the money – strengthen the door frame. This #1 recommended door reinforcement tip to prevent a forced entry costs practically nothing and can be done by anyone that is handy with a drill in just minutes. It is the absolute best thing you can do to your door to improve it’s overall security.

From there, we move on to door edge protection. What it is and how to fix the weak point in your door that occurs after you strengthen the door frame.

The above are quick and easy ways to reinforce an entry door and from there ACME Locksmith discusses incremental improvements that can be made including improving the door locks and the things you can do to prevent someone from picking a lock or lock bumping to get into your home.

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