Jack Ryan, CEO of REX, Interview on Business Rockstars

Jack Ryan and Pat O'Brien sit down for a conversation about the future of real estate, how he's building a fast growing startup and how REX is saving real estate consumers thousands of dollars. www.rexchange.com

Юбилейная выставка REX 2013 (Real Estate eXhibition 10 лет)

Юбилейная выставка REX 2013 (Real Estate eXhibition 10 лет) С 24 по 26 апреля в Экспоцентре прошла X международная вставка коммерческой недвижимости REX 2013. Три дня выставки были насыщены конференциями, эксклюзивными мастер-классами, а также розыгрышами и церемонией награждения победителей REX Awards. Первый день выставки начался с открытой сессии «Новое в коммерческой недвижимости Москвы. Современные подходы …

The New Rules of Real Estate with Kurt Warner – Rule #5

Hall of Fame Quarterback and REX partner, Kurt Warner, is here to share the new rules of real estate. Before you sell or buy your next home, make sure you know all the new rules!

Kyle Middleman – Real Estate Agent Promotion Video

Kyle Middleman is an award-winning Real Estate Agent from Rancho Chimichanga. He has many overpriced property listings as well as Tourette's syndrome. Visit • • • • video directed by:

What is REX?

REX (Real Estate eXchange) is a group of investors that meet to share ideas, learn, ask questions, network and generally increase our pool of knowledge and wealth. This group is primarily meant for investors looking to share knowledge and create networking opportunities!

REX: Decentralizing real estate

Brian talks to Stephen King, co-founder of REXmls, REX is bringing real estate into the 21st century using blockchain technology. Watch the interview to find out how you can eventually own a part of the Chrysler Building and check out Interested in trading cryptocurrencies? Check out my other YouTube channel at Want your cryptocurrency project …

REX Sells Homes for 2%

Do you qualify? Contact REX today & see if you can sell your home for just 2% vs the traditional 6%. We don't use the MLS. We use the internet. REX – Real Estate Exchange handles everything for both sides. We save sellers an average of $39,000