3 Tips for Simple Security in a Complex World | What the Cyber?

Cyber security is very different than what it was 30 years ago. Today, a lot of this have changed, a lot things are more secure, but still the fundamental problems remain the same. Online privacy, account and password management, and the increasing number of Internet connected devices in our home networks are just some of the things we now have to deal with. In this video we interviewed three experts in the field, and they shared their top tips on how to make cyber security simple in this complex, connected world. Read more:

“In the case of the TCAS, complexity has led to humans not understanding how the program arrives at some of its decisions. In the case of us and our devices, the complexity of how they interact with us and each has led to security and privacy becoming difficult and often intangible concepts. Is it even possible to make security simple in today‚Äôs complex world?”

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