✅Free Live Stream Security Cam with Presence App | Monitor Pets, Family, Home, Front Door etc.

🛎➜https://amzn.to/2zGQw89, live stream free is possible because of wifi and the Presence app. You can turn any extra phone 📲➜https://ebay.to/2L0hFYL iOS or Android into a security camera monitor or spy cam. I use it at home all the time whether I’m at home or away. I have family that use this live stream app to record their pets when they are away from home. You can record pets, your family, dorm room roommates, front door, back door, or your belongings.

I know that this system that I reviewed is not an Arlo Pro system or Ring door bell system but it is free and highly effective. I highly recommend this security system to all my friend and family. In my next video I will connect several other phones to the Presence app, use the system to monitor pets, and run some test on the motion sensing.

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